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Scout BSA Troop 714 is a permanent and functioning community organization with a continuous history of over 30 years. It’s part of the Northern Star Council, Three Rivers District of the Scouts BSA. Officially Chartered by the Kraus-Hartig VFW of Spring Lake Park and Christ Lutheran Church of Blaine, the Troop is also sponsored by Fridley American Legion Post 303 and the Spring Lake Park Lions.

Troop meetings are held on most Monday evenings during the school year and at least once a month during the summer. Meetings are held from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Kraus-Hartig VFW. Set up and clean up by a designated patrol extends their time from 6:45 to 8:45. This is a time when scouts work with scouts to gain new skills needed to advance in rank. Older scouts work on required merit badge skills. Normally, first year Scouts are placed in Patrols with other first year Scouts. The Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader will assign Scouts to the patrol to work with them in their rank advancement. This is a Scout run evening with adults present to provide support. All parents are welcome at the meeting to observe and/or offer help.

A Court of Honor is held twice a year in place of a regular troop meeting. Each scout who has earned a rank or badge is recognized before an audience of family and friends. These are important events. All parents and families should plan to attend regardless of whether their child is receiving any awards.

The Troop has consistent adult and junior leadership. The Troop has Patrol Leaders who participate in leader training courses at the Troop and Council levels. The Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and many of the adult leader members are encouraged and may be required to take Scout Basic Training and other advanced leader training courses.

While advancement is considered an important part of our scouting program, it is not overemphasized. Our Troop is committed to the outdoor spirit. Scouting is where boys and girls can get exciting outdoor action and have fun. (Should there be some mention of other leadership skills and community service? "Scouting is where boys and girls can get exciting outdoor skills; community and civic pride; and leadership skills with accountability”)

Every Scout needs to know what is expected of him. The success of having an adventurous and safe outdoor program rests in the ability of the Scout to take responsibility for their own behavior. All Scouts need to know what is "OK" and what is not. In order to guarantee acceptable conduct, all adult Scouters need to know what is expected of them. The policies outlined in this document establish the procedures for running Troop 714's program.

The emphasis of the Scout program is to promote and encourage youth leadership. In support of this program, Troop 714 adult leaders are present as advisors, insuring safety, and keeping the program oriented toward Scouting ideals. Troop, patrol, patrol council meetings, camping trips, and day trips are run by scout leaders, not by the adults.

But, boys are "boys" and girls are "girls", and there may be many times when you will question, "Why are they so disorganized?" "Why are the meetings so noisy and unproductive?" and "Why don't the adults step in and do something?" In Scouting we believe that the best way to develop leadership is to let the scouts have as much freedom as possible; applying just enough adult authority to keep them safely focused on the task at hand. As long as they are sincerely trying to accomplish the duties of their positions they are learning the rudiments of leadership.

This booklet outlines the application of general BSA policy to specific situations regarding Troop 714. BSA policy is written in various official publications and is the final authority for resolving questions of policy. The Troop Committee is the final authority for implementing Scout BSA policy in Troop 714. Proposed changes to Troop 714 policy can be submitted to the Scoutmaster, the Troop Committee Chair or a Committee member for review at a Troop Committee meeting.

Once again, Welcome to Troop 714 ! Keep in mind, Scouting is a family activity and we encourage parents to be involved in their Scout's development.

“TROOP 714 is a “Scout” led Troop……” but will have the advice and support of the Adults who are committed to giving these boys and girls the.……."The Outdoor Experience" .

The above headline is probably the most important statement that explains Troop 714’s success. Great efforts are made by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, and the Troop Committee on a continuous basis to make this a reality. All of the adults involved with this Troop regularly check and correct each other as needed. It is easy to bark out orders, but Scouts learn and grow more when the adults advise, suggest, and counsel. Often this sense of a Scout’s personal responsibility is a first for many families and a challenge for parents as well.

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